"I have known Jim Edwards for many wonderful years. I have used him numerous times to open for me on comedy stages across America because besides being a great guy and a terrific comedian, he really knows how to post up on a big man."
          Jerry Seinfeld

"Jim Edwards was, is, and always will be one of the smartest and funniest comics working. But then again, what do I know?"
          Robert Wuhl

"I've seen Jim Edwards open for Jay Leno a few times and he always leaves you wanting more. He is a very funny comic, definitely belongs in the majors with guys like Leno."
          Bill Dwyre, LA Times Sports Editor

"I'm one of Jim's biggest fans, he has a terrific comedic mind and has accomplished something that so many comedians could only hope for, which is to write classic comedy bits that live forever that other comedians quote and steal haphazardly."
          Kevin Pollak, Actor/Comedian

"Jim Edwards is a very, very funny man!"
          Regis Philbin

"Jim is a pro without letting on he is a pro. His inherent comedic gift comes across effortlessly and he can make you laugh without even meaning to. He is a poster boy for the theory that you can't teach talent, it's born in."
          Deborah Paul, Editorial Director, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine

"Among the many who create sports material, Jim is the best, he knows sports as well as he knows humor."
          Jim Lampley, HBO Sports

"Jim Edwards is an incredibly funny comedian. He has a wry wit and is terrific respective to his audience interaction, he is engaging, knowledgeable and captivates the room. I think Jim's humor appeals to all segments of society. One of the nicest men I've ever met, a genuinely good guy who brings energy and enthusiasm to the task at hand."
          Rick Majerus, College Basketball Coaching Legend

"I have seen Jim Edwards perform for a long time. He is always fresh, always engaging and most of all, always funny."
          Mark Thompson, Fox Television

"I have watched Jim since his days as a TV sportscaster, he was incredibly creative and entertaining then as he is now. Like Howard Cosell used to say - 'I tell it like it is'. Jim Edwards is flat out hilarious, if you haven't seen him you’ve missed one of the funniest comics around”.
          Don Fischer, The voice of Indiana University Sports

"Jim has appeared with me on the Tonight Show and made us very happy we put him on the show, he's great! He's been opening for me at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach every Sunday night for years and I get a chance to watch him often, he's always working hard to come up with new jokes, very funny jokes at that. You get the feeling watching Jim that he's having fun and the audience feels he's one of them, he's a very funny regular guy with an edge."
          Jay Leno

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