Ok, so you want to talk about Jim Edwards?

Jim is a well respected Los Angeles comedian. He has an extensive and multi-talented background in comedy and broadcasting spanning a number of years.

He started his broadcasting career at the Indiana University radio and television department as a freshman. Following college, he produced David Letterman's radio talk show. He then went on to do news and sports on radio and then became a Television sports reporter and sports anchor.

Jim's stand-up comedy career began in San Francisco and continues to flourish as a very funny and popular comedian in Los Angeles.

He is a very active guy and enjoys various activities like golf, basketball and martial arts. He also enjoys hanging around the house with his two Labrador dogs, Big AL and Daisy.

For information on bookings for corporate, stand-up, acting and voice overs, please contact Jim's representative.

"The First Family"

Jim with "Big AL"

"1st stand-up gig"

"NBA career takes a detour"

"Hey, is that a young Brando?"

"Swing away Jim, swing away"

"Knocked it stiff"

"With big sister Dale"

"All business"

"Hi Wally, it's me the Beaver"

Senior High School Graduation
"Dude, is that a wig or what?"